Area Rugs - What you need to know


Using Area Rugs in your home

Area rugs are a wonderful addition to a room for a number of reasons.  They are often used in concert with hard surface flooring such as hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl and laminate, because they add a level of protection for the flooring.  They also protect from foot traffic.

Area rugs can add warmth and softness underfoot.  They can break a room up into different sections visually, they can add a pop of color, style and or texture.  Before purchasing an area rug, it is important to consider how the rug is being used.  This consideration will determine the size and placement you will choose.

Rug Sizing and Placement

You should consider area rugs like art.  Current trends and your own personal style play a large role in your decision.  Always take into account the layout of the room and how it is used.  For example, in a functional dining room the rug should be large enough the keep all the legs of the chairs on the rug even when they are pulled out.  

In a clean-cut living room, you place all the furniture entirely on the area rug.  This is a traditional look, and the large area rug makes a greater impact.


Custom Area Rugs

Some areas in your home may require something smaller, larger or specially made to fit the space.  While Halverson Flooring carries so many unique and beautiful rugs from such brands as Karastan, Oriental Weavers, Surya and Capel; you can choose from the new carpets we sell and customize to your space and lifestyle.

Consult your design consultant for assistance.