Commercial Flooring Market Segments

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Commercial Flooring Solutions for Your Business

Different commercial facilities such as small office spaces, hospitals, and hotels demand many shared qualities plus unique requirements from their floors. Long-lasting, high-performing, easy to maintain, and innovative designs are just a few phrases synonymous with the commercial flooring solutions carried by Halverson Flooring Commercial Interiors, a full-service floor covering company location in Janesville, WI.

We provide solutions for the toughest floor covering challenges and help guide you to the perfect commercial flooring solution.

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Educational / Institutional Flooring

Designing the perfect space in an educational environment, whether for preschool, K-12, or higher education, is challenging. You must create a space to inspire students to learn while keeping them safe and comfortable, all within the demands of shrinking budgets.

Transportation / Automotive / Public Venue

Public spaces present unique design opportunities – and challenges. High-traffic environments require flooring products that can withstand normal wear and tear day after day. You may also want to consider flooring that is easy to install so that downtime is minimized during remodels.

Vinyl composition tile | Halverson Flooring
Vinyl composition tile | Halverson Flooring

Hospitality / Hotel Flooring

Our premium hospitality and hotel flooring solutions meet the demanding standards of the industry. Trusted brands ensure high performance and durability, making our products ideal for creating inviting and resilient spaces in hotels and hospitality environments.

Healthcare Flooring

Our high-performance healthcare flooring products meet the most rigorous challenges in hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities today. That’s why choosing the right brand and product is important to your next healthcare flooring project.

Vinyl composition tile | Halverson Flooring
Vinyl composition tile | Halverson Flooring

Retail Flooring

Our versatile retail flooring brand portfolio has options for every type of environment. With our wide array of stunning visuals and tonal step color system, we can help you create the right brand experience that fits within your budget.

Office Flooring

Need help choosing the correct product for your office project? For some office projects, you may have to address the needs of multiple areas within the same building. To solve this challenge, our flooring products from different categories may be coordinated to achieve a budget-friendly yet cohesive design.

Vinyl composition tile | Halverson Flooring