Tile FAQs

Tile Questions and Answers

1. What's involved if a tile gets cracked and has to be replaced?

The grout surrounding the broken tile, the tile, and the adhesive beneath the broken tile all must be removed. A new tile is set and re-grouted. There are tools designed to enable this work. You may wish to have a professional do the job. Because "these things happen," it is a great idea to save a few tiles from the original installation and to note the brand and color designation for the grout.

2. Are there areas where I shouldn't be putting tile?

There are tile products for practically every surface in your home – floors, walls, countertops, indoors and outdoors. But not every tile is right for every setting. Tile is rated based on several factors that tell you whether it is suitable for floors, whether it is likely to be slippery when wet, etc. Your Halverson Flooring associate will help you select the right source.

3. What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles?

Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile. It is made with the mineral feldspar added to the mix and fired at a higher temperature. The result is a harder tile with almost zero water absorbency. Porcelain tiles hold up to the heaviest foot traffic and can be installed outdoors and indoors.

4. Love, love, love natural stone tiles…any problems using them in my home?

There are just a few things to keep in mind. Nothing exactly matches the natural stone look, but some manufactured flooring comes close. Don't use natural stone, including marble, for shower floors, surrounds, or any place where they are likely to be subject to prolonged contact with water. This is because natural stone is too porous, and the water will eventually cause staining and problems with the grout. Natural stone can be sealed to improve stain resistance. Some styles of stone tiles have a highly polished surface and can be slippery. Expect stone tiles to cost more than most ceramic tiles. Watch the potential for sharp edges and corners for your installation.

5. Can I combine different types of tile on my floor?

Absolutely. Pay attention to the traffic rating, sometimes called the PEI rating, for each type to ensure it will perform properly in your space, and pay attention to the thickness of the tiles to ensure they will produce a consistent surface height. Otherwise, measure your floor space, lay it out on graph paper, and get creative!

6. Tile is my first choice for my kitchen renovation, but I worry about dropping and breaking dishes. Any thoughts about that?

Tile is the classic choice for kitchens… beautiful, easy to clean, super durable, and stain-resistant. Your best bet for avoiding breakage is to include a nice thick area rug (on a slip-resistant pad) in the dish-handling area. You'll love the comfort, too. Don't overlook the luxury vinyl tile option. It is softer than ceramic, and you might appreciate the beautiful styles.

7. What is the best way to care for grout on a tile floor?

Grout requires regular cleaning – mopping with a mild soap-and-water solution, then rinsing with clear water. Regular cleaning helps prevent dirt from being ground into the grout. You will find products on the market for sealing grout lines, making them more impervious to water and staining. Still, there are different points of view about when and where that is a good practice, so consult with your Halverson Flooring associate about the specifics of your situation.

8. Is tile installation a good DIY project?

Installing floor tile requires specific skills and tools. Most installations require tiles to be cut to fit, which requires a tile saw. That said, everybody with tile-setting skills had to learn at some point. The best advice might be to watch some online videos to get a sense of what is involved, ask your friends to identify a skilled and willing assistant, and be sure your Halverson Flooring associate knows that you are planning to tackle the job as a relative novice. With that information, the associate can make certain that you've got everything your installation will require. Good luck!

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